Anyone else have this problem with Yamaha?

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Anyone else have this problem with Yamaha?

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I have a 2012 Star SCL 1900, bought new just over two years ago. It has 3K miles on it, and the only time it's not in the garage is when it's being ridden. On this bike, the chrome is flaking on the belt cover and the rear rim. Nowhere else! Isn’t that odd? This “gentleman” said I had left the bike in the sun and that caused the chrome to flake off. That’s one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever heard. On a bike that was bought new from the dealer around two years ago, and has 3000 miles on it? On a bike that never sees the light of day unless it’s being ridden? On a bike that’s wiped down with cloth baby diapers to protect the finish? SERIOUSLY???? I hunted the web for three weeks to find real cloth baby diapers to use on this bike to protect the finish. I never use soap on it either, just wash off any dirt, etc, with a diaper and my garden hose, without a spray nozzle. Then I dry it with a chamois, and shine it with windex without ammonia and another diaper, then it’s back in the garage.
The dealer I bought it from, in Benton Arkansas, told me it could be from any number of things (all of which equate to my fault) like a car wash, water left standing on it, cleaning solvents, etc, but never mentioned a defect with the production of these items. They also said they found pitting on some other areas, but didn’t elaborate.
Some “gentleman” at Yamaha said it was left in the sun and it caused the chrome to flake, so they won’t cover fixing it. Odd that I have a 2004 Goldwing - no chrome flaking. A 2008 Suzuki C-50 - no chrome flaking. A 2005 Honda 600 RR - no chrome flaking. A 1971 Chevy Nova - no chrome flaking. I've been riding Yamaha for about 40 years now, and this is the first time I've run into anyone as dishonest as the individual who made this claim.
Rather than just admit there was some issue with the chrome job on these two parts and correcting it, Yamaha has put someone with no honor, integrity, or character in place to represent them on this matter. That tells me Yamaha has become a company which holds these values in esteem, rather than what they were in the past, on the rare occasions I had an issue with a Yamaha bike.
Apparently, there is no appeal either. I hope Yamaha enjoys the money they got from me. It's the last they'll ever get. I hope all of you have better luck. Better yet, buy a Honda. Here's my bike...
Anyone else have this issue with Yamaha?

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Re: Anyone else have this problem with Yamaha?

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Nimmt man mal spaßeshalber den Google übersetzer

Somit hat Spam auch einen gewissen " Unterhaltungswert "
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